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Communication Networks And Computer Systems

RRP $320.99

Communication networks and computer systems research is entering a new phase in which many of the established models and techniques of the last twenty years are being challenged. The research community is continuing to free itself from past intellectual constraints so that it may fully exploit the convergence of computing and communications. Evaluating the performance of emerging communications and computer systems constitutes a huge challenge. Thus, current research provides a set of heterogeneous tools and techniques embracing the uncertainties of time and space varying environments when the requests for diverse services are made in real time, and with very different quality of service expectations.These novel techniques will lead to fast and economic service deployment and effective dynamic resource management, and hence to new business strategies and infrastructures that will facilitate the emergence of future services and applications.This volume contains contributions and presentations made by leading international researchers at a workshop which was held in April 2004 to honour Professor Erol Gelenbe on the occasion of his inaugural lecture as the Dennis Gabor Chair at Imperial College London.

Security Of E-systems And Computer Networks

RRP $321.99

E-based systems are ubiquitous in the modern world with applications spanning e-commerce, WLANs, health care and government organisations. The secure transfer of information has therefore become a critical area of research, development, and investment. This book presents the fundamental concepts and tools of e-based security and its range of applications. The core areas of e-based security - authentication of users; system integrity; confidentiality of communication; availability of business service; and non-repudiation of transactions - are covered in detail. Throughout the book the major trends, challenges and applications of e-security are presented, with emphasis on public key infrastructure (PKI) systems, biometric-based security systems, trust management systems, and the e-service paradigm. Intrusion detection technologies, virtual private networks (VPNs), malware, and risk management are also discussed. Technically oriented with many practical examples, this book is suitable for practitioners in network security, as well as graduate students and researchers in telecommunications and computer science.

Heinz Nixdorf A German Computer Pioneer

RRP $13.99

For much of the postwar era, Heinz Nixdorf epitomized the Wirtschaftswunder, Germany's extraordinary recovery from the devastation of war. During his lifetime, he became a legend as the visionary young entrepreneur who had the nerve to challenge the giants of the computer industry. He started out with a moped, a few hand tools and a project. He set up his workshop in the basement of an electric power plant and built it into a one-man global company employing 20000 people. In 1986, at the age of 60, during a company party held at the Hannover Fair, he was struck by a heart attack. During the war, he served on the Eastern Front. Upon his return, he studied four years at Frankfurt University, but decided to leave without earning a degree and to set up his own company. He was toying with the idea of bringing the computer to the office, which was in complete contrast to the strategy of the industry leaders. Yet he prevailed and thereby opened up new markets. The technical knowledge he gradually acquired through years of hard work, allowed him to recognize with incredible ability the value of new and untried ideas and to put them into practice. He had the clairvoyance to reduce complex matters to the simplest possible denominator and to concentrate on what was essential. Once he made a decision, he went ahead, regardless of the consequences. He possessed the characteristics of a dynamic entrepreneur: a willingness to take risks, self-confidence, a pioneering spirit, discipline and motivation to venture into the use of untested technology. Whereas the computer industry was producing mainframes available only to large corporations, he decided to pave the way for decentralized computing by making desktop machines available to small and medium companies. Unencumbered by the electromechanical tradition of the industry, he ventured into new fields of electronics. Nixdorf was an optimist convinced he could overcome any obstacle. His leadership style and the organizational structure and framework which he developed in his company were based on the idea that victory belongs to the bold. He was an unusual executive in that he was not only the manager; he owned the business lock, stock, and barrel. He was convinced that an entrepreneur does not gain legitimacy by the wealth he accumulates, but by the contribution he makes to society. Money was not his driving force. But the memory of the hardships he endured during his early years, the loss of his father during the war and the privations his mother, brothers and sisters had to endure, never left him.

A Guide To Business Performance Measurements 1986

RRP $29.95

Everyone in business wants to improve their performance. But how to choose between the bewildering number of ways in which success is measured? Do you choose cash flow, added value, operating ratios? - and what kind of profit measure suits your business? This book provides you with an easy-to-follow guide covering over 50 different measurements. It explains each measure's uses and describes the situations for which it is best suited, giving you the snags and merits.

Computer Methods Part A, Volume 454

RRP $454.99

The combination of faster, more advanced computers and more quantitatively oriented biomedical researchers has recently yielded new and more precise methods for the analysis of biomedical data. These better analyses have enhanced the conclusions that can be drawn from biomedical data, and they have changed the way that experiments are designed and performed.
This volume, along with previous and forthcoming 'Computer Methods' volumes for the Methods in Enzymology serial, aims to inform biomedical researchers about recent applications of modern data analysis and simulation methods as applied to biomedical research.


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